Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

April and Lilu have no real opponent here - more of a victim - and that's how they treat him! After beating him up a little they pin him on the floor and force him to smell their stinky feet while they do some victory poses on him!

This brutal mistress has won the fight against her opponent. He fought until the last moments and then he had to accept his defeat. Now she sits on his chest and keeps his head with her scissor legs very tight and looks into his eyes as his head begins to fill red.

Lady Anina has fought against one slave who is now laying on the ground between her sexy strong jeans legs. She taunts him by telling him that he is a loser to get beaten down by a woman and he tries to free himself with really poor attempts... Anina laughs at him and humiliates him much more by faceslapping him.

Girls are often doing stupid things if they are alone! This time they decide make groups just to start a little tag team fight. The small fight rapidly expands and one girl is dominating all the others - she is very sadistic and has visibly a lot of fun torturing her girlfriends even as they are laying on the ground and gave up.

Miss Minxie fights against Stevie in this clip. In the end she wins with one special move she performs. He just falls on the ground and she decides to make him suffer much more. She grabs his head and headlocks it between her strong and muscular arms. The enslaved fighter cannot resist her and is trapped.

Steve is really a sick loser - he didn't win just one fight! This time he lost a fight against Mistress Shannon. She beat him and kicked him, now he lays there on the ground like a pathetic piece of shit and she continues his humiliation by sitting on his chest and forcing him to suck and lick her feet clean...

This sexy red head is fighting against someone. She beats and kicks him several times and he really seems to be the weaker person. Later she pins him on the ground until he cries out for mercy. She begins to laugh and makes him do humiliating things: He has to lick and kiss her sexy black boots and right after that she makes him lick her sweaty bare feet just to make sure he is broken...

Lady Loona pins her schoolmate Alfred to the ground - they had a bet who might be the stronger and now the humiliating point is that she is really much stronger than him. She has his head locked between her legs and makes him say that he is a sissy and laughs about him as he follows her instructions.

"Shhhh - the more you fight, the more intensively the pressure will be, so give it up sissy" - Robin says to her panic beaten slave. She again won the fight and now its again a shame for him that he must perform those humiliating tasks for her and do whatever she wants whenever she says...

Lady Carina is a cruel girl! As she asked her teacher about her grades she was unhappy with his answer, now she punishes him. She simply overwhelmed him, put him on the ground and now she sits on his chest and slaps his face, reduces his breathings and makes him suffer for her amusement...

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