Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

All articles in archive 12/2010

One guy tried to rob this young ladies store. But she was not giving him the money and managed it somehow to deviate him and grabbed his gun! A wild fight took place and as the blond beauty unmasked the thief she noticed that "he" was a woman! Both girls were fighting and beating each other but in the end the store owner won the fight, enslaved the thief and forced her to be her new toilet girl...

Mean Kristina fights again. This time she keeps her slave on the ground using her sexy strong legs. She put them around his neck and trapped him. His face already turned red and she made him smell her ass as she turned around. He couldn't free himself no matter how hard he tried.

This sexy young lady loves to beat men. She especially loves it if they are bound and delivered to her like this poor guy who's sitting on a chair with his hands bound together behind his back. She kicked his face very hard, over and over again. He couldn't avoid her and she continued with her evil punishment. Later she slapped his face just to humiliate him being slapped by a girl...

You owe Mistress Katja new shoes since you have ruined and stolen a pair. As she saw you, she got totally angry! She ran forward to you and beat you. She hit your face and you were falling on the ground. Next you see her soles in front of you as they also hit your face, over and over again...

Mistress Lady Melissa has injected a drug to this guy. He felt dizzy and suddenly he lost the control over his body and felt down on the ground. Now it was very easy for Melissa to fight him. She first trampled him, then she kept his head between her legs. After that she made him smell her ass and finally she abused him as foot rest.

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