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Mistress Gaia knows how to beat the shit out of men and she has no problem with training other women how to do it with the help of her slave. She has her slave ready to go when her friend shows up eager to cause him pain. She shows her how to best use her feet to kick him right in the nuts over and over again until her ends up on the floor.

Lady Vampira shows a construction worker who is the boss by slapping his face. His cheeks turn bright red but she she is only beginning his punishment. She stomps on his chest, fingers, head and abdomen. The wicked brunette forces him to lick her black shoes. She is one boss lady that will not let you forget it so you better do what she says or you will be punished too.

This sexy young lady loves to beat men. She especially loves it if they are bound and delivered to her like this poor guy who's sitting on a chair with his hands bound together behind his back. She kicked his face very hard, over and over again. He couldn't avoid her and she continued with her evil punishment. Later she slapped his face just to humiliate him being slapped by a girl...

Mistress Katja was just walking around while her girlfriend filmed her but when she saw this guy walking alone in the tunnel she just couldn't resist and just had to give him a serious beating. She slaps, beats and kicks him until he's willing to accept her supremacy and kisses her feet to show it!

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