Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

All articles in archive 10/2010

Cathy and her boss had a bet - they would fight and the winner would be the new boss! He was so damn sure to win since he took part on that martial arts weekend session. But she won without any effort. She headlocked him, kicked him and beat him. As he realized the trouble he was in he gave up. She smiled and told him that his new job would take place under her desk as living foot rest!

Jasmina just surprised this poor guy who was attempting to enter her house through the window. She decides to take it on her own since she doesn't want to call the police for things she can handle herself. So she grabbed this loser by his hair and beat him down until he was lying flat on the ground. Next she sat on his chest and smothered him with her sexy hands and her jeans ass...

Mistress Katja was just walking around while her girlfriend filmed her but when she saw this guy walking alone in the tunnel she just couldn't resist and just had to give him a serious beating. She slaps, beats and kicks him until he's willing to accept her supremacy and kisses her feet to show it!

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