Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

All articles tagged with "Sleeper Holds"

There is nothing sexier than two girls fighting. These girls have some mixed martial arts training, and they used it to fight it out and have the chance to humiliate each other

Mistress Goldie and Mistress Summer both love their mixed wrestling skills and are wanting to put it to a test against each other. They do all that they can from putting each other in head locks and choking to sleeper holds but both girls humiliate each other as they begin stripping their suits off of each other. Until Summer pins Goldie and then victory poses as she pins her new slave.

"Shhhh - the more you fight, the more intensively the pressure will be, so give it up sissy" - Robin says to her panic beaten slave. She again won the fight and now its again a shame for him that he must perform those humiliating tasks for her and do whatever she wants whenever she says...

Sexy bikini wearing Amazon Ashley pinned Steve on the mats. He had no chance against her as she head-locked him and made him give up. Now she lays there, unable to move or to escape and she can do whatever she wants to him - what a shame: beaten by a girl...

This black girl headlocks her opponent with her muscle arms! There is no way out and the blonde girl gives up - but the tall amazon won't release her! She continues choking her with a smile. It's getting dangerous and the with girl is getting into panic but her movements are nearly reduced to zero because she is fixed between the black girls arms...

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