Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

All articles tagged with "Humiliated Loser"

Salma isn't the woman that one wants to anger. She knows that she has some powerfully sexy legs and she doesn't mind using them. As she walks into her friend's home, she takes the time to look around. During the visit, she is constantly bothered by some guy. When he touches her without permission, she beats his ass. She uses her legs and ends him with a wonderfully violent high kick.

Sexy school girl does her favorite wrestling moves on her new slave. She is choking him with her fit and tight lean legs. Her strength shocks him but excites him at the same time. She tugs at his hair and bends his head back and makes him scream out her name while his legs are kicking. The humiliated loser lays flat on the mat in defeat.

April and Lilu have no real opponent here - more of a victim - and that's how they treat him! After beating him up a little they pin him on the floor and force him to smell their stinky feet while they do some victory poses on him!

Lady Carina is a cruel girl! As she asked her teacher about her grades she was unhappy with his answer, now she punishes him. She simply overwhelmed him, put him on the ground and now she sits on his chest and slaps his face, reduces his breathings and makes him suffer for her amusement...

Lady Marry has fought against one stupid bastard who thought about raping her! She kicks him down to the ground and steps on his head. She makes him kiss and smell her feet and slaps him to punish him. She enjoys his suffering and the more he cries the more she wants him to...

Jeanette looks like a normal schoolgirl, cute and helpless - that's what this guy thought as he tried to rob her. But she isn't the girl she looks like - she is strong and knows how to deal with this kind of guy. She kicks and wrestles him down and then she pins his head between her legs, making it impossible for him to escape...

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