Fighting Girls

Powerful girls over-powering weak opponents

All articles tagged with "Foot Slave"

Lady Kara has her slave standing in front of her and she just can't stand his nuts in the same room as her without being crushed under her powerful kicks. She winds up and kicks him square in his balls. She orders him to kiss her foot, then goes right back to pummeling them. She practically turns them into mush, making sure he can never use the tiny things again.

Ms. Leila loves to dominate situations, because she is one of the toughest mistress's around. Ms. Leila invited her friend to join, because the ladies want to really dominate their loser slave Kemal. He is going to have one of the ladies humiliate him as a foot is inserted into his mouth for him to taste all of the dirt and sweat. She is laughing at him.

Mistress Lady Melissa has injected a drug to this guy. He felt dizzy and suddenly he lost the control over his body and felt down on the ground. Now it was very easy for Melissa to fight him. She first trampled him, then she kept his head between her legs. After that she made him smell her ass and finally she abused him as foot rest.

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